Our Team!


Hacker / French Editor / ASM Hack

I'm StorMyu, French Romhacker from Romhack.org.
I've been working on this project on my own as I've explained on the story, I'm glad to show you our work on this project and I hope everything will turn out fine.
I know some of you think it takes some times but a good project is bound to be long to do ^^
Cheers !


Programmer / Hacker

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English Editor / Minor Translator / Hacker / Font (Graphics) Editor

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English Translator / Spriter+Pixel Artist

Hi all~ I joined the team a while after it was created, initially as a favour to StorMyu - we were working on another project at the time together.
Things progressed, and I'm currently the main English translator for the project. I've played most Tales games, and whilst they aren't my favourite series ever, I love the stories portrayed. Working on Rebirth has been a great learning experience in many ways, and I've made some life-long friends through it. ;) A quick note on my 'style' of translation: I prefer to remain accurate where possible, but I do enjoy inserting humour where I can.
Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys our work; this project means a lot to all of us! <3 trentacles


English Translator

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Italian Editor / Webmaster

I was there when it all began, a lot of time ago. Kirameki (me and Seles) started working on this project after the first part of the endless hacking work, when at least we had the menu stuff ready, and it will probably be our biggest and most complete translation.
I've loved Tales of since 2004, I played Rebirth thanks to Lanyn's script translation, and it is undoubtedly my favorite episode. Also, Tytree Crowe is my favourite character of the entire series. I hope many will enjoy this fabulous game.
Ah yeah, I also made this website, I hope you like it.


Italian Translator

Hi! *waves* I'm Seles, and I'm in charge of the Italian translation and editing. I've always been a rabid Tales of fan since I've played Symphonia, so I was very excited when they asked me to help them out with the patch!
I hope the Italian fans out there will appreciate my small contribution to the cause!


French Translator

Yo, I'm Mortimer, a french translator of this awesome project. I was contacted by StorMyu who asked me to join this team, and I accepted without hesitation.
I am a big fan of the Tales series and i've got almost all of them. My favourite is Tales of Legendia~ (Senel powa !)
Oh and i'm maybe one of the few who loves Tales of Fandom vol.2 too, i'm not kidding! XD
And i'm also an admin of Kingdom of Tales, a french site of the series.


French Editor

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Spanish Editor/ HackerProgrammer/ Graphics Editor

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Spanish Translator

íHola! I'm one of the translators of the spanish team, and I've been a fan of the tales series since Symphonia, those were good times....
Hadn't played Rebirth because of it being only on japanese (as most of you, I bet), so I got very happy when Eldinen told me about this project.
I'm going to work on script translation to spanish, hope you like our work!

And I swear I'm not going to be lazy... or at least I'll try...


Spanish Translator

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