Project Story

StorMyu narrates us how it all started, how everything evolved and finally reached this point.
Let's all hear this amazing story of international cooperation to bring this game to life once again...

Tales of Rebirth... Either you never played it or have already played it... If you're in the second category like me, that means we all read Lanyn/Spekio's guides or watched Lanyn's youtube videos about the storyline, but, if like me you tend to play it on your PSP while taking a train or a plane, or just on your PS2 sitting in front of your TV, sometimes having to watch your computer is a pain in the ***.
And that's where it all started, I'm loving this game, and I was wondering... Why everyone is translating EVERY other Tales of games, and not this one??
I was one of the first that fell for the jokes/hopes of the other translating groups. So, after all, why not me?

After some preliminary job, I've saw "Nocturnal Creations" making a Menu patch for Tales of Rebirth, so I've contacted Penance (now Lewnatic) and his work really helped on speeding up the project. But I've been stuck with a problem... I'm a total noob with compression... And by that time I was speaking with LucaLink. He introduced me to Vash, who helped with the compression and rewrite all the tools needed for Tales of Rebirth. The so-called "Team" was made, a French, an English and an Italian (sounds like the beginning of a joke).
Soon after that, Lanyn introduced me to Snoozysam, who helped her in her translation. The first translator was here, and the menu translation was about to start when... out of the blue, Valiarchon came to help too, we were working on a translation of a DS game and we put it on hold for that.

Then, that's were I thought... An English... A French... An Italian... It can't be just a coincidence (no no that's still not a joke), and I've proposed, if we can make a translation, why not making it European? An European translation with many languages where all the people could share information on each translation and stuff? Sounds perfect! That's where we've opted for a Spreadsheet-based translation with many sections.
LucaLink who was already aware of the translation, came with Seles from the "Kirameki" team to translate into Italian.
I've gathered the French team from Kingdom of Tales: LittleLinor, Mortimer, and Coilette.
And it went with all those people for a while... When suddenly, people from Artema Translations joined! First Eldinen, and then Akareh + Auron for the Spanish translation!
Oh I'm missing someone here! The great Conn from the Tales Namco board, friend of Lewnatic, came in to help with his English editing skills!

I'd like to point out that, British English is used for this version for the reason that we're opting for an European translation "per se" and if there are things you'd like to argue, send a comment or just go to the Chat.

This project is going to be a "complete patch", no menu patch whatsoever, I think that menu patches kills the community, now it's just something to feed the audience, just to get some attention/fame, Tales of Rebirth is one of my favorite game, this project is something I've worked a lot on, spending hours of work just to try something new, and I (and we all are) intend to do it properly.
I've also noticed that Tales of translations are always "top-rated" translation with awesome addition to the original game etc. I once spoke to Carnivol from the Phantasian Production website about the idea of having an option to change from translated to romanized artes (the whole Demon Fang against Majinken)... I'm not fan of it but if it can be done... it'll be done, also the battle subtitle, these appears as pure magic to me, it amazes me how good people are when you put the effort and the knowledge into things like that.
To sum up, I'd like for these Tales of Rebirth translations, to add all the stuff needed for a quality translation patch (Adding God mode to the PS2 version?). Even if there's lots of stuff to fix first, that's something I want to achieve before the completion of the patch(es).

I hope you will all enjoy this as we are all enjoying to work on this game, have a nice KUUUUREEEEEAAAAAA day.