Tales of Rebirth on Play-Asia

Tales of Rebirth on YesAsia

Piracy is bad, if you live in America and want this game. Go for Play-Asia ! Support the game and buy it!
If you are european, Yesasia will send the game from its european warehouse, so that you avoid extra costs.

Official Namco Tales Site & Forum

The romhacking place over all places, if you need help or just looking for some hack/translation patch, this is the site you're looking for. Does it really need a description?

Tales of Italia

The first italian portal entirely dedicated to the world of hacking and roms. All the news you need about the most recent italian projects! The best italian site on the series, lots of news and informations about all the episodes, huge image gallery, various translations and the lyrics of the songs.
Visit its Yggdrasill Forum, too!


Kingdom of Tales

The place to be for every Frenchy who's searching for French translation patches, and a great community at the forum Greatest French Tales of Community, News, Articles & informations on Tales Of you couldn't find anywhere else!

Lanyn's Youtube Channel


It contains an amazing series of english subbed videos of the complete storyline of Tales of Rebirth. Lanyn also provided a script translation of the game that you can find on Gamefaqs. Team Kirameki (or rather LucaLink and Seles) is a translation group for japanese videogames. In the site you can find all their other italian or italian/english projects, like the script translation of Tales of Destiny 2.