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Tales of Rebirth is one the best Tales of out there, and if you don't know japanese, the only option to understand it up until now was to read Lanyn/Spekio's guides or watch Lanyn's youtube videos about the storyline. But, if you tend to play it on your PSP while taking a train or a plane, or just on your PS2 sitting in front of your TV, sometimes having to watch your computer is a bit of a pain.
And that's where it all started, we're all loving this game, and we'll do what no one until now have tried to do. A full patch of the game, for both PS2 and PSP versions, and what's more, in many european languages.
The team working on it is already huge, and the results are already showing off. Maybe not all of you know how tedious it is to completely hack Rebirth, and the accuracy of translation and adaptation needed to make it fluent and consistent with the other episodes. Both the hacking and the translations require an enormous amount of work, and that's why we all think this is a great, fantastic event.
Let's celebrate it together!

----Latest News!----

Yes, the project is still alive

Since many of you asked this, yes, the project is still alive. Maybe things are going on slowly, but they're still working on it, and it'll be finished eventually.
This site is abandoned, as you can see, but I hope it will be in working order again when the patch is nearly finished.



Just a few words

Hi there, as you can see this site is still in the same conditions as before. We didn't find the cooperation of the other members of the group for a new idea we had in mind, so... still no answers to your passionate messages.
Anyway, I'm leaving this new message mainly to reassure you: the problem we're talking about, involves just the site.
The translation project, on the other hand, keeps moving forward with a great pace. So, don't worry about it.
See you later with, hopefully, better news about the site.



Website related problems, sorry everyone!

The time sure flies. It's been a while from the last, first post here, and it seems this site still is not what it was meant to be. I hoped it would be a place where everyone in the team could answer to the messages received, I hoped to see the list in the "Team" page completely filled in the end, and I hoped it would show some new screens and videos every now and then.
But actually, the team had very little interest in this site for all this time, and I can't answer to every question, especially the ones sent to the other groups. At the moment there are a couple of dozen messages still unread, and I want to apologize to all of you for this lack of attention, even though you send cheerful and heartwarming messages all the time.
We'll start answering again sooner or later, please don't lose faith!



Tales of Christmas

The Tales of Rebirth Translation team would like to present you this project, not just as an English translation, but as an European translation.
Which involves 4 teams of translators and editors, an English one lead by Lewnatic, a French one lead by StorMyu, an Italian one lead by Vash and a Spanish one by Eldinen.
Each translator is working quite nicely to work the best out of this project, the multilanguage offers a unique way of working and translating by helping each other in different manners, and by comparing each others works.

We all hope you'll feel welcome here, feel free to leave comments.


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