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Tales of Rebirth is one the best Tales of out there, and if you don't know japanese, the only option to understand it up until now was to read Lanyn/Spekio's guides or watch Lanyn's youtube videos about the storyline. But, if you tend to play it on your PSP while taking a train or a plane, or just on your PS2 sitting in front of your TV, sometimes having to watch your computer is a bit of a pain.
And that's where it all started, we're all loving this game, and we'll do what no one until now have tried to do. A full patch of the game, for both PS2 and PSP versions, and what's more, in many european languages.
The team working on it is already huge, and the results are already showing off. Maybe not all of you know how tedious it is to completely hack Rebirth, and the accuracy of translation and adaptation needed to make it fluent and consistent with the other episodes. Both the hacking and the translations require an enormous amount of work, and that's why we all think this is a great, fantastic event.
Let's celebrate it together!

----Latest News!----

Website fixed!

I know, you just want the patch, but I have here some unrelated news, and you'll end up reading them anyway :P

- The link to the (unused) chat page has been replaced with a link to the project forum, hosted on Absolute Zero's website.
- The Chrome and Firefox extensions should work properly now, I have updated the downloadable files but no need for you to do anything if you have it already.
- Even though someone suggested it, I can't directly inject the font using the font-face property, it seems this one doesn't meet the standards. So nothing changed, you still have to download and install it in your computer.
- Maybe -maybe- the fancy borders in the site are now visible in IE 6-9. I have IE 10 so I'm not going to test it directly.
- You can now send a comment addressed to the "Website manager", so if you see something not working properly on this site or the extensions, take a screenshot, upload it somewhere, and send me a comment with the link and some info about the problem, the browser version and your display resolution (if related). Thanks!



News for you.

Most of you wants to know what's going on etc. And most of you just don't want to go to the forum and see so:
- The PSP version is probably gonna be the first patch (since the current state of the PS2 Emulators regarding debugging functions
doing intensive hack is a huge pain, not to say, almost impossible to me right now)
- The Italians lead by Kirameki in terms of Translation are the closest to have a patch. While the French (lead by me and my laziness) have the lowest % by far.
- I don't know why I did it, but I'll show soon the Romanize option for Artes I'm almost done to put in place (you know Majinken instead of Demon Fang)
- This project will come to an end, I'm just like you, I don't know when. Since most people can't wait I get that, but if some people capable could help us, this
project would go way faster. You know someone with a good level of japanese ? Cool, introduce him to me. Go to the forum.

That was my news of the mid-year. Next one will be full of screenshots.


Tales of Rebirth "FORUM"

Yeah, since the comment section is really not adapted to any discussion, I asked
Throughhim413 if setting a section on his forum was possible, so here it is:

For the moment, the project is stalling, we need some translators, if you have a good knowledge of japanese
and wants to help, feel free to drop me (or Lewnatic) a pm on the forum.



Tales of the Tempest English Patch

Hi, I'd like to present you a join project I've done with Absolute Zero's team.
A full translation of Tales of the Tempest on NDS.
Feel free to visit this page for more informations.
I know most of us are still waiting for a patch for Rebirth, but I must say, we are kind of low on translators, so if you ever have japanese knowledge and want to help.
Don't hesitate to drop a comment with your E-mail adress to talk about it.

In the meantime, I'll soon start to upload videos, stay tuned, and Enjoy Tales of the Tempest !



About the Chrome extension

Since Stormyu decided to start answering all the comments we received up until now, I have to say something about the Chrome Extension here on this page.
Google has blocked the unverified extensions, so you can't install it directly from the site, at the moment. But clicking on the icon still downloads the extension (a CRX file) and you can install it simply by dropping the file on a Chrome page.
Please note that the two extensions are still drafts and some little bugs popped out in the new browser versions, so bear with it until I fix them up, thanks!



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